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Ingniq (Eng-nikh) is the Inuvialuit name that was given to Alberta Rose W. as a child. Her mother told her once that it means 'Fire'. 

Mohkinstsis (Calgary) based artist, Ingniq worked her way through college as a cook, then in politics before she obtained her BFA with distinction from the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD). Of mixed settler/Inuvialuit heritage, Ingniq often creates work that reflects both aspects of her cultural identity as well as broader social issues related to Indigenous people today.


While in College, Ingniq also acted as the president of the Indigenous Student’s club during fourth year as a way to create a supportive, inclusive environment within the Institution. During that time, she was also a member of Next Up, a Canada-wide leadership group for progressive young people.

Often working with reclaimed or rescued materials in her art-making, Ingniq takes an intuitive and mindful approach to art. In part, this is a reactionary, conscious choice regarding the amount of rampant waste in this capitalist/consumerist society, as well as a symbolic gesture adding to the reclamation of identity. The need to create work like this is to focus on evolving activism that seeks to generate dialogue and awareness about the current and historical aspects influencing Indigenous people, as well as other groups of marginalized individuals and problems to generate opportunities for more inclusive and supportive societies.

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