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Installation shot of photo series 'Hanging Whale Pieces', three images on canvas hung over a wooden structure
A Close up image of the first photo in 'Hanging Whale Pieces'. Shows a blank white space in the form of two people harvesting a beluga whale in the water.
The second image in 'Hanging Whale Pieces' is shown. The blank white figures of two people and the whale they are harvesting are shown from further back. This includes the water they stand in, land and sky in the background, and land in the foreground.
This is the third image in the series, 'Hanging Whale Pieces', and shows a landscape with a wooden structure in it. Hanging on the wood is cut-up whale meat. The details of the meat have been digitally removed and white blank space takes their place. There are no human figures in this image.

Hanging Whale Pieces

'Hanging Whale Pieces' is an installation that was created during the Ghost Days residency at Banff Centre in Spring, 2019. Consisting of three laser printed photos on canvas of my Daduck and Nanuck (Grandfather and Step-Grandmother) Harvesting whale in three images. They have been digitally removed from the photos along with the whale meat to denote the absence of that connection to family, culture, and traditional food sources that I have felt growing up in Southern Alberta. The structure that the prints are draped over is made from salvaged wood and mimics the structure that the whale meat hangs over in the third image. Much in the way that the fat would sustain my ancestors, art sustains me.

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